Safety Department


Since MTN first opened its doors in 2004, we have had a strong commitment to safety.  Safety is—and always will be our first priority.

Our safety coordinator ensures that MTN is in compliance with all federal and state safety regulations.  We also have a student relations coordinator (SRC), who manages student conduct & behavior. 

In addition, all drivers attend monthly safety meetings, where we touch on a variety of topics such as:

                                                          A. Accident Prevention
                                                          B. Student Management Skills
                                                          C. Defensive Driving Skills
                                                          D. Drug & Alcohol Awareness
                                                          E. Mirror Usage & Blind Spots


We have a staff of trainers who focus on behind-the-wheel training to help school-bus-endorsed applicants obtain their commercial driver's license (CDL). The training staff are also responsible for initial and annual evaluations of drivers, as well as wheelchair training and post-accident retraining.